We believe in producing great products over filling our pockets

Three Straight Lines exists to help digital product owners solve problems and realise their ideas. We also help brands form identities which give them the springboard they need to enter their marketplace with confidence. This can only be achieved through transparent collaboration and by producing great work. As a business we need to turn a profit, however our work ethic will always put products over profits as we enjoy what we do too much to have it any other way.


We won’t work on projects that we feel we cannot fully invest ourselves in

Planning and creating fantastic digital products is only possible when all parties involved are invested in the product concept and the intended outcome; and we’re not just talking about equity. In our experience if any supplier is not invested wholly then the final result is likely to fall below the expectations of the product owners & stakeholders. We prefer to see our involvement in a project as a partner rather than a supplier.

If we’re not fully invested in an idea, or if we deem the concept or brand behind it to be unethical, we are likely to pass it up.


We only ever use great suppliers

At times we bring in third party suppliers for technical back end development. We have a list of trusted suppliers who we have a history of working with and hand pick the right suppliers to build the right team for each project. We’re transparent about who we use and always offer clients the chance to meet them before we engage them in any project.


We are always fair on pricing

We believe in pricing products fairly and work hard to maximise our client’s ROI and we’ve got a great track record of getting it right.


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