November 8, 2017

Particle Playground

An exploration of vector fields and particle physics. Part generative art, part "what would happen if I changed this number". Take control, tweak some knobs and buttons and let us know if you make anything particularly funky

November 7, 2017

Sonos Takeover

We started with a simple question: what could we do with chatbots that allows someone to control something physical outside of the conversation? that would be fun and will annoy our colleagues? And so the Sonos Takeover was born. How do we make it work? Like any good UX project we started with problems. How […]

Sonos speaker Sonos speaker

Takeover our Sonos!

Head over to our Facebook page and tell our Messenger Bot what you want us to hear

Your takeover will be announced in the studio (via some fancy text to speech thing that Adam built)

Your tune will be added to our playlist and play instantly (whether we like it or not)*

*Andy's into rock, Adam’s cool and likes electronic & grime, Ade likes Spotify acoustic playlists & Dave only listens to Radiohead - please be kind :)

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Take over our sonos
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