‘Rather good advice’ campaign

We were invited to pitch for a multi-channel advertising campaign by London based Fintech company Unbiased. Whilst we focus the majority of our efforts on interactive solutions we’re happy to develop creative campaigns and deliver them through above the line projects. We knew it would be a challenge to pitch against traditional advertising agencies, but it was one we were up for!

Unbiased connect their customers to great financial advisers and the idea would need to focus on this core concept, as well as positioning their brand to stand out from their competitors. Since this was the largest campaign Unbiased had run to date, the objective was to gain insights, learn and improve their campaigns moving forward as well as showcasing their refreshed branding.

Following a successful pitch we worked with Unbiased to develop the ‘Rather Good Advice’ campaign, based around our campaign hero Bruno – a talking Moosehead who acts as the voice of reason – and his master, Hugo – an eccentric character who spends his money on adding to his collections of outlandish items that adorn his property. The concept provided a balance between the serious nature of getting solid financial advice, whilst also being fun and memorable.

Phase 1 of the campaign was rolled out through direct mail, digital display and radio channels, with a tv advert and second phase of digital display to follow.