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Headshot, Andy Milsom

Andy Milsom

Founder & Creative Director

Andy started Three Straight Lines in 2015 after working in the digital & advertising industry for 17 years as a designer and Art Director. When he takes time out of the studio he can often be found struggling his way through Insanity classes, watching football and cricket & occasionally canoeing or paddle boarding. His favourite films include Taxi Driver, Mulholland Drive & The Lion King. Previously Andy has produced work for the likes of Paul Smith, Heineken, Arsenal FC and BP. Andy lives in the centre of Bournemouth with his Bengal cat, Caz.

Headshot, Adam Jaggard

Adam Jaggard

Lead Front End Developer

Adam has a flair for solving difficult technical problems on the front end. He spends a healthy amount of time keeping us up to do date with the latest web technologies and imagining innovative ways of working them into our projects. When he's not coding he can usually be found stuck to a climbing wall, playing chess (and occasionally winning), tracking down obscure music or photographing urban landscapes. Adam’s career has seen him work on high profile projects including Hampton Court Palace, BNP Paribas & ShortList magazine.

Headshot, Adrian Durow

Adrian Durow

CRO Partner

Ade does the ‘science’ behind the design (unfortunately not wearing a lab coat). His role is to help product owners understand what is happening through analytics, why it’s happening through usability testing and then improve performance through split testing and CRO programs. Away from Google Analytics & spreadsheets Ade enjoys cricket, early morning acoustic playlists on the office Sonos, fitness, baseball - basically any game with a bat - & the Crystal Maze (we think he’s modelled his look on Richard O’Brien).

Headshot, Dave McRobbie

Dave McRobbie

Strategy Director

Dave works with clients to help them better understand how they can meet ever changing customer demands and expectations. He has worked within media, fintech, digital and public sectors and has led programmes as diverse as the creation of specialised social care services for the government and the NHS, through to the design and build of hotel booking engines. He is currently also completing a uni degree, is a qualified swimming coach and generally annoys the rest of the team by having hair.

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